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Total Hospital Solutions

Total Hospital Solutions, a hospital management consultancy unit, has been conceived by the Institute to help, guide and support healthcare institutions. The Institute offers Total Hospital Solutions for both existing and upcoming hospitals by providing hospital management consultancy services with the help of a highly qualified and experienced team of professionals and a wide network of consultants - management consultants, doctors, architects, MEPS consultants (mechanical-HVAC, electrical, plumbing and sanitary services), biomedical engineers, and software professionals.

For upcoming hospitals we take up both turnkey projects and different modules of hospital project management, such as feasibility study, equipment planning, and commissioning of hospitals. For existing hospitals, systems study and reengineering, manpower evaluation, recruitment and training and marketing are the major areas of our interest. We offer our optimized and value-added solutions at right prices and in a time-bound manner.

The core team members of the Institute have worked in various top managerial positions in reputed hospitals of the country and have developed expertise to a level that has resulted in unmatched capabilities in handling demanding tasks of operational management and health care business development.

The Institute offers the following services:

  • Hospital Design, Commissioning of Hospitals
  • Manpower Planning, Training and Recruitment
  • Financial Planning and Feasibility Study
  • Project Management
  • Equipment Planning and Procurement
  • Systems Study and Design for Optimum Utilization of Services
  • Designing of Standard Operating Procedures
  • Designing and Implementation of Management
  • Information System
  • Costing and Tariff Rationalization
  • Hospital Waste Management
  • Business Development of Hospitals
  • Guidance in Obtaining ISO Certificate


1.Project Management

  • Planning and Designing of Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities
  • Conducting Hospital Feasibility Study
  • Developing Detailed Project Report
  • Hospital Project Management
  • Equipment Planning and Procurement Licensing and Commissioning the New Hospital Projects


2.Hospital Operations

  • Systems Study and Design for Optimum Utilization of Services
  • Designing of Standard Operating Procedures
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Managed Hospitals Operations Contract
  • Costing and Tariff Rationalization
  • Establishing Hospital Waste Management System


3.Marketing of Hospital's and Healthcare Services

  • Business Development of Hospitals
  • Establishing CRM
  • Establishing Customer Satisfaction Feedback Systems
  • Costing and Tariff Rationalization
  • Conceptualising Community Outreach Services


4. Quality of Healthcare

  • Implementing Hospital Accreditation, NABH/JCI etc.
  • Implementing ISO Certification
  • Conducting Medical and Clinical Audits
  • Developing Quality Indicators
  • Developing Patients Charters etc.
  • Developing Attractive Quality for Hospitals


5. Human Resource Management

  • Human Resource Planning,
  • HR Recruitment Training of Staff for Hospital Operations, Quality, Six Sigma, Balance
  • Score Card, Motivations, Team Building, Strategic Leadership etc.


6. Health and Hospital Information System

  • Designing Hospital Information System (ERP Solutions)
  • Implementing Hospital Information System
  • Developing Monitoring Indicators


7. Hospital Operations and Medical Research

  • Designing Hospital Operations Research Projects Such as Quieng Problems, Resource Utilisation etc.
  • Implementing Hospital Research Projects
  • Desining Medical Research Such as Linkages Between the Life Style Modifiable Diseases and Patientcare, Spirutuality and Patient Care etc.
  • Designing and Implementing Six Sigma Projects


Research /Projects Undertaken

S# Name Project Project Cost Funding Agency Coordinator(s) Date of Start Date of Compilation
1. Operational Management of 500 bed Government District Hospital, Malda, West Bengal - IPE, Government of West Bengal Santosh Kumar March 2007 September 2007
2. Planning, Designing and Commissioning of 100 bed Nootan Dental College Hospital, Mehsana, Gujarat 15 Crore Nootan Dental College Hospital, Santosh Kumar July 2007 June 2008
3. Planning, Designing and Commissioning of 50 bed Mother and Child Hospital with IVF Facility, Jaipur, Rajasthan 5 Crore (with Land) GT Computers Santosh Kumar November 2007 Ongoing
4. Feasibility Study of 100 bed hospital in Jaipur City - Divine General Hospital, Kolkata Santosh Kumar Dr. SK Puri June 2006 September 2006
5. Financial Feasibility of SMS Hospital Cancer Department 3 Crore Rajasthan Cancer Society, SMS Hospital, Jaipur Santosh Kumar March 2006 June 2006
6. Commissioning of 30 bed Hospital at Bahl, Churu, Rajasthan 50 lakhs Manav Seva Trust, Bahl, Churu Santosh Kumar March 2006 May 2006
7. Diagnostic Study and Patient Satisfaction Survey of 2200 bed SMS Medical College Hospital, Jaipur - Diagnostic Study and Patient Satisfaction Survey of 2200 bed SMS Medical College Hospital, Jaipur Dr. S K Puri Santosh Kumar 15 March 2004 June 2004
8. Strengthening District Health System 3 Crore Aarohi , Nainital Santosh Kumar November 2005 -
9. Mapping of Private healthcare Institutions in Ranchi Town   Futures Group, New Delhi Santosh Kumar Jan 2005 March 2005
10. Estimation of Manpower and Operating Expenses for 300 Bed G.K Hospital, Bhuj, Gujarat More than 50 Crore DOHFW, Government of Gujarat Dr. Barun Kanjilal March 2002 April 2002
11. Determining surgical package for government hospital (under ' healthcare financing for Rajasthan) - European commission Dr. Barun Kanjilal - June 2005
12. Strengthening Professional Health Associations in India - Futures Group, New Delhi Santosh Kumar September 2005 November 2005
13. Mapping All Private Health Facilities in Ranchi Town of Jharkhand - Futures Group Santosh Kumar Aug 23, 2005 Oct 15, 2005


Training Organized
The important hospital specific training programmes, organized by the Institute are:

  • NABH Assessors Training Programme- by Dr. Santosh Kumar, S Brig. (Dr. ) SK Puri
  • Six Sigma: Its Application to Hospital Settings- by Dr. Santosh Kuma
  • Hospital Management Information System- by Dr. Santosh Kumar
  • Effective Management of Hospital Services- by Brig. (Dr. ) SK Puri
  • Disasters Management - by Brig. (Dr. ) SK Puri
  • Patient Safety Workshop Organised in Collaboration with QCI, New Delhi by Dr. Santosh Kumar, Brig. (Dr. ) SK Puri
  • Hospital Accreditation Awareness Programme Organised in Collaboration with QCI and CII by Brig. (