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It is my great privilege to welcome you to IIHMR University, a pioneering institution of higher learning that took the lead in improving the health and well-being of countless people through professional management research and a variety of educational programs. In its journey of just over three decades, IIHMR University has made an enduring impact on the healthcare sector in myriad ways—and as it looks to the future—is poised to develop newer, and more meaningful forms of engagement in its role as a high performing knowledge institution.

Since IIHMR’s foundation in 1984, the University’s faculty members have played a pivotal role through their research and consulting activities in a multiplicity of disciplines and domains. Our Schools, research centers, and training programs harness the energy of interdisciplinary research to solve real-world problems. This has allowed IIHMR to be recognized by international agencies such as the World Health Organization (WHO), and leading universities like Johns Hopkins University. Faculty members facilitate learning, and create new forms of knowledge and innovations to define the cutting-edge of their respective fields. This allows them to inspire our students to greater heights at all levels. Our three Schools—of Health and Hospital Management, Pharmaceutical Management, and Rural Management—function as the core academic verticals that relentlessly work towards deepening their academic engagement in all of their core activities. The University has learnt many lessons from its rich legacy, and as it looks to the future, is committed to harnessing the new opportunities emerging in our dynamic, fast-changing world through interdisciplinary research, innovations in pedagogy, and entrepreneurship.

We have developed world-class infrastructure, and are growing rapidly. Our campus is enlivening, as are the opportunities we provide for a range of extra-curricular activities forall of our stakeholders: the students, their employers, our institutional collaborators, and society at large. It is a friendly, open, and welcoming place, combining a strong sense of community with an abiding commitment to rigor and excellence in all spheres.

Please visit us, explore our campus, immerse yourself in our ethos, and join us in our transformative journey into a just, humane, and yes, healthier future!


Vivek Bhandari