Internal Committee (Under Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace Act):

  • The University declares zero tolerance policy towards sexual harassment of women at workplace. We further re-enforce that the campus is free of discrimination, harassment or sexual assault.
  • The University has constituted an Internal Committee under chairpersonship of Dr. Monika Chaudhary. If any women employee or student feels harassed can approach the Chairperson or Members for redressal.
  • The penalty for sexual harassment will be treated as a mis-conduct and violation of the disciplinary rules which may lead to dismissal from service for employees and expulsion if the perpetrator.

Internal Committee

Policy on Prevention Oi: Sexual Harassment At Workplace

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Curbing of the menace of ragging in the campus:

  • The University prohibits all students to humiliate juniors, mistreat them or financial extortion, physical or mental abuse.
  • The University has constituted a Committee under Dr. Ashok Kaushik and other members and any fresher students if he/she feels harassed in the campus or hostel can approach the Chairperson or members for redressal. The Admission Committee shall obtain two affidavit from the student and his/her parents that he/she or their ward will not indulge in ragging and could be penalized if found guilty during his/her stay in the campus.
  • The penalty for ragging could be suspension from classes, withholding scholarship, debarring from appearing in exam, withholding results, expulsion, rustication or cancellation of admission. The punishment for ragging will be appealable before the President and a second appeal before the Chairman.

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The Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972:

  • The Registrar of the University would be the authorized officer to receive notice under this Act.
  • Every employee who is eligible for Payment of Gratuity will make an application in writing to the authorized officer within 30 days of becoming eligible. The employee may nominate any of his family member to receive the gratuity amount after completion of one year of service.
  • After due process, the gratuity payable hall be paid to the eligible employee, nominee or legal heir through demand draft or bank cheque. The claimant employee, nominee or legal heir can appeal before the controlling authority if amount of gratuity is less or application is rejected for payment of gratuity.
  • Every establishment where 10 or more persons are employed on any day of the preceding 12 months have to pay gratuity. Continuous service means 5 years of un-interrupted service or more. The gratuity can be forfeited if services are terminated or willful negligence causing loss. All assistant labour commissioners and regional commissioners are controlling & appeal authorities.

Grievance Redressal Committee

Student Grievance Redressal Mechanism

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