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About E-Library

Library has provided to users online database and full text collection can be access through digital library. This is based on Open source Greenstone digital library software. Online database are like, ProQuest, "J-Gate Social & Management Sciences (JSMS) SAGE Online Journals, Online Journals Link, Full Text Journal Articles, Journal of Health Management, WHO SEAR Publications and around 500 book full text and various report example- World Health report, Word Bank Report, RCH Report, NFHS Report, NSSO reports, SRS bulletin, Policy Documents, National Committee Reports and around more than 1000 articles of various Journals, are available in our digital library portal.

Our student’s dissertation, Summer Training report and MPH Students Capstone projects full text are also available on our digital library.

 The library has 10 PCs and other accessories adequate to cater to the needs of users. The PCs are meant for users to access OPAC, databases, ebooks, e-journals and other e-resources. The library has been Wi-Fi enabled to provide wireless access to the Internet. Users are welcome to use their laptops in the library.

Online Database Library have E-books (ProQuest E-Book Central and EBSCOHost – eBooks Academic Subscription Collection) and Online Journals of ProQuest, J-Gate and sage online journals and statistical database

ProQuest Ebook Central: IIHMR University Library has purchased 86 e-Books and they are available in our digital library (This resource may accessed within campus without Login ID/Password).

ProQuest Health Management™ is designed to meet the needs of researchers studying the field of health administration. This high-demand healthcare management content provides the most reliable and relevant information on a wide range of topics, including: Hospitals, Insurance, Law, Statistics, Business management, Personnel management, Ethics, Health economics, Public health administration ProQuest Coverage for around 800 key journals with over 4,500 Doctoral Dissertations and Theses, ProQuest Health Management provides users with the highest quality content, much of which is not available elsewhere. (This resource may accessed within campus without Login ID/Password).

  • EBSCOHost – eBooks Academic Subscription Collection- There are more than 135,000 eBooks in this package, including titles from leading university presses and coverage with all Academic Subject from leading university presses such as Oxford University Press, MIT Press, State University of New York Press, Cambridge University Press, University of California Press, McGill-Queen's University Press, Harvard University Press, and many others. Additional academic publishers include Elsevier Ltd.; Ash gate Publishing Ltd; Taylor & Francis Ltd; Sage Publications, Ltd. and John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

All titles are available with unlimited user access, and titles are regularly added. 

J-Gate is an electronic gateway to global e-journal literature. It offers bibliographic information services to scholarly and technical electronic journal literature. J-Gate Social & Management Sciences (JSMS) is a subset of J-Gate and indexes e-journals in the fields of Electronics, Electrical, Civil, Information Technology, Computer science etc. Journal coverage: 6700 Indexed, 2000 free full text. (This resource may accessed within campus without Login ID/Password).

Sage journals- Library has subscribed five sage online and print journals. (This resource may accessed within campus without Login ID/Password)., an initiative of Data net India Pvt Ltd. It is a gateway to comprehensive and authentic socio-economic information related to India. This is the mother site of a cluster of 57 websites delivering socio-economic data about India and its states covering various sectors. Information available online can be used by these professionals as per their need and discretion. With over 700,000 comprehensive pages on the net, the site covers wide-ranging topics like agriculture, demographics, market forecast, health, media, economy, crime and social welfare etc. has 56 associate sites which include 19 Sector specific and 31 India/State/UTs specific sites. (This resource may accessed within campus without Login ID/Password).