Happiness Quotient- Our Own Measure

Date: August 20-22, 2020
Resource Person: Dr. Padmaja Suresh
Time: 6PM-8PM Indian Standard Time (GMT + 5:30 Hrs)
Mode: Online

'A uniquely designed program for emotional well-being and inner happiness'


The workshop is designed with simple practices and captures reflections on the experiences from life lessons. It adds the vitality in building up methods of caregiving. It does not require any prior knowledge or training in theatre or dance or yoga.
This training can be imparted to anyone with an open mind in a spirit of inquiry to experiment and experience without judgement of outcomes and reactions from others. This can help professionals working in different sectors and industries. The workshop is designed for all those who believe that health means complete well-being and happiness. In particular, healthcare workers and caregivers of persons with illness.These technique from Performing Arts can be useful towards management of emotional health.


  • Enhance Physical and emotional health
  • Reduce Stress
  • Develop a professional outlook with traditional roots
  • Increase self-awareness and wellness
  • Guide for mindful behavior in an organization
  • Improve sensitivity and sensibility in handling challenges
  • Develop spontaneous expression and communication skills
  • Towards harmonized living, overall improvement of health and greater happiness

Learning Outcome :

  • Enhanced inner happiness
  • Reduces Stress through positive emotions
  • Increased self-awareness and wellness
  • Prepares for joyful work and personal life
  • Develops ability to handle challenges with peaceful mind
  • Improves expression and communication skills

Resource Persons

 A uniquely tailored performing art workshop for emotional well-being and happiness by

Dr Padmaja Suresh (Course Coordinator)

Renowned Bharatanatyam Dancer, Researcher and Social Worker

Dr Aarti Jagannathan

Dancer and Mental Health Professional

  • Day 1. The Physical Level

    • Introduction to Indian dance and movement
    • Gestures as expression of thoughts and feelings
    • Hand gestures or hastamudras useful as therapy
    • Basic steps, Asanas or postures, vyayama or exercises
  • Day 2. The Emotional Level

    • Free expression through face and mindful concentration
    • The eight Rasas explored as love, wonder, anger, fear, courage, compassion, disgust, humour and finally shantam (tranquillity/serenity) as the rasa that holds all the other eight rasas
    • Paatra or role play between the participants engaging between themselves taking episodical narratives
    • Holistic approach to life
  • Day 3. The Intellectual and Cathartic Levels

    • Value based living, harmony and togetherness
    • Ability to face challenges with positive outlook and hope
    • Acceptance of relations, friends and extended social environment
    • Expansion towards the world as one family.

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