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MBA- Hospital and Health Management (MBA-HM)

MBA-HM (180 Seats, All Streams)

It is a flagship educational programme which aims to develop trained professional managers with requisite skills in planning, implementation, operational management, diagnosis and problem solving, consultancy, and entrepreneurship. This is with a view to preparing them to manage hospitals and healthcare institutions globally, both in the public and the private sectors, thus meeting the demand for quality healthcare management.

The University builds achievers through the programme. Our students have brought laurels in many inter-campus and national competitions in academic and non-academic activities. They have presented papers in the conferences organized by The University, other institutions and have published their papers and won prestigious international scholarships. The University also encourages students to support entrepreneurship. For this purpose an Incubation Centre has been established at the university

Objectives of the Programme

The broad objective of the programme is to build knowledge and skills to perform as effective professionals in health and hospital systems, both in the public and private sector. The syllabus and course content are designed keeping in mind the current requirements of the healthcare industry. The objectives under:

  • To enhance decision making and administrative competence of students to enable to face challenges of healthcare industry.
  • To develop skills in planning, building and managing healthcare organizations.
  • To participate and contribute to the formulation of public health policies.
  • To promote knowledge through applied and conceptual research relevant to management and to disseminate this knowledge through publications.
  • To collaborate with other institutions in India and abroad in furtherance of professional exposure.
  • Management education and assisting in institution building in a meaningful manner.

The Programme is Designed to Enable the Students:

  • To help understand the latest concepts and techniques of management and their application in making the managerial roles of the participants efficient and effective.
  • To develop skills of analyzing, diagnosing and solving operational problems in the delivery of healthcare and hospital services.
  • To help learn about appropriate strategies for effective planning, implementation and evaluation of institutional and community­ based health and family welfare programme.
  • To help learn the application of qualitative and quantitative analytical tools as applicable to health and hospital management related problems
  • To help understand and appreciate methodologies of health/hospital management training and develop skills with focus on strategic responsibility for training and human resource development for health care delivery.
  • To enlarge the outlook and vision of participants about the larger background and context of health care and health management in their historical, sociological and cultural framework.
  • Help them to learn to promote the efficient and equitable allocation of resources and development of strategies to promote public health and cost effective healthcare.
  • To understand application of scientific approach to reduce cost of care through better material and money management. 

Structure of the Programme (Duration 2 years)

FIRST YEAR(Common to all Streams)

Introductory Courses(Subject to Change)

The Introductory Courses are non-credit courses

  • Written and Verbal Communication
  • Essentials of Computers (Elective)
  • Human Process Lab

Core Courses:Term 1 and Term 2

  • Health and Development
  • Principles of Management
  • Health Policy and Health Care Delivery System
  • Bio-Statistics
  • Essentials of Epidemiology
  • Essentials of Demography
  • Organization Behaviour
  • Marketing Management Essentials of Hospital Services
  • Human Resource Management
  • Essentials of Health Economics and Financing
  • Financial Management
  • Communication Planning and Management
  • Research Methods

Summer Training

At the end of the first year each student works with an organization on a project for a period of a minimum of eight weeks. The objective is to allow students an intense full time interaction with organizations. Summer training provides exposure to the student in the working of an organization in real time. It also helps students to develop managerial skills and competencies, and facilitates an informed career choice by the students. At the end of summer training, they are assessed on the basis of their performance during the period by way of a report and poster presentation.