MBA Digital Health

The fast rate of technological adaptation is driving rapid and continuous changes in the healthcare landscape. The research in the field of digitization, data management, automation, and artificial intelligence (AI) is shaping a new era of service operations and delivery across the healthcare value chain.  Technical innovations in hardware and software are making personalized prevention, diagnoses, and therapies possible with great potential for quality improvement and cost reduction.  

Realizing the need in an emerging area, IIHMR University, a pioneering institution in research-focused education in healthcare management, presents a highly innovative specialized MBA program in Digital Health. The program brings together stakeholders from the areas of Medicine, Healthcare, and Information Technology (IT) for effective design and delivery.

MBA (Digital Health) is an interdisciplinary master’s program in digital health, aimed to develop highly qualified experts in areas requiring interface between computer science, IT, and medicine. The program is ideally suited for applicants with bachelor’s degrees in a discipline fundamentally related to the program, such as Computer Applications, Information Technology, Computer Science, Systems engineering, B-informatics, Medicine, Pharmacy or Life-Sciences.

The program enables in staying at the cutting-edge of emerging health technology, including digital health, telehealth, and health automation. The program focuses on technology application and interfaces in diagnosis, treatment, patient records, training, and financial transactions. Participants will gain high-level knowledge of healthcare information systems as well as the benefits and barriers associated with digital health products.
The in-take capacity of the program is 30.

Course Duration

2 Yrs

Course Fee

9.60 L

Eligibility Criteria

Fees Structure


MBA (Digital Health) is aimed at preparing highly qualified experts in the health sector, at the interface between IT, computer science, and medicine. More specifically, the program aims to:

  • Develop skills in planning, building, and managing technology-enabled healthcare organizations.
  • Enhance Skills in application of digital technologies in healthcare services;
  • Sharpen decision-making and leadership competence, required to effectively manage in the technology-driven healthcare industry.
  • Prepare entrepreneurs and business professionals in the area of Digital Health, who can drive the required changes in the sector;
  • Develop expertise in the management of technology-driven healthcare services; and
  • Accelerate and support the adaptation of Digital Health through systematic capacity building.

Upon successful completion of the program, the participant should be able to:

  • Display understanding of the latest concepts, tools, and techniques in the interdisciplinary area of digital health;
  • Identify and assess the suitable technologies for digital applications in healthcare services and related value-chains;
  • Analyse and solve operational problems in the delivery of technology-enabled healthcare and hospital services;
  • Apply qualitative and quantitative analytical tools, as applicable to healthcare management related problems;
  • Appreciate the methodologies and frameworks used in the management of digital health;
  • Design the technology-enabled healthcare systems with alignment to strategic organizational objectives in the given context;
  • Critically assess and improve the performance of healthcare systems through judicious and ethical application of the technology; and
  • Contribute to society through the design, development, and promotion of digital health models with the aim to enhance access and quality and reduction in cost.