Goal & Aims

To realize this goal the following aims are proposed:

  • To develop a strategic plan for establishing a Centre for Injury Research at The IIHMR University, Jaipur. The development of a strategic plan early in year one will be an important step in generating consensus and refining specific elements of the Centre at IIHMR University.
  • To train a critical mass of scientists, health professionals and academics in the principles of injury prevention and control research. The training of researchers whose principal interests lie outside injury will be important for identifying leaders and opportunities for collaboration across disciplines and problem areas.
  • To initiate research on injury epidemiology, interventions and program implementation strategies to prevent and minimize the burden of injuries in India. Research studies will be important to expand the injury research literature from India and provide locally relevant examples of interventions and implementation strategies.
  • To raise awareness and facilitate dialog among public health professionals as well as the general public in India about the importance of injury research in India. This will help to improve understanding and  support and generate viable funding for injury research in India.
  • To foster collaboration among injury researchers and other stakeholders within India and establish linkages with the global injury research community. This is critical because injury research requires joint learning and sharing of ideas across disciplines and institutions.