Completed Project

Comprehensive National Nutritional Survey Zone-1

Agency : UNICEF India

Team Arindam Das, Laxman Sharma, SP Chhatopadhyay, Shobana Sivaraman, Deepanshu Srivastava, Rajeev Baghel, Rakesh Sharma, Subhash Chand Yadav and Lalchand Sharma

The Comprehensive National Nutrition Survey (CNNS) aimed to obtain information on micronutrient status, worm infestation, and the nutritional risk factors for NCDs such as physical fitness, blood pressure, glucose concentration and lipid profiles among three age-groups namely pre-school children (0-5) years, school-age children (6-14) years and adolescents (15-19) years in India.

  • TTo design, develop, organize and conduct national nutrition survey among target groups of children as lead agency to coordinate the entire operation in India
  • To identify and select regional agencies to conduct survey in the states in consultation with UNICEF and MOHFW India
  • To design, develop and organize survey questionnaires, tools, checklists for sample collection and field manuals for CNNS
  • To organize centralized TOT for lead trainers from regional agencies
  • To organize samples collection of the subjects and laboratory testing in coordination with the regional agencies and laboratory institution of India
  • To coordinate, monitor and supervise the data collection of the CNNS
  • To develop the data entry software, table generation and analysis

The methodology of the study estimated the nutrition status among the three age groups: pre-school children (0-5 years), school- age children (6-14 years), and adolescents (15-19 years) in 30 states of India.