Completed Project

Community Based Diabetes Detection and Care” Project of Humana People to People India (HPPI), Jodhpur-Rajasthan

Agency : Human People to People India (HPPI)

Team Sunita Nigam, Rajeev Baghel

Humana People to People, India has been implementing activities on diabetes awareness, detection and care since December 2012 in Jodhpur District - Rajasthan, first with support from Bristol-Meyers Squibb Foundation (Dec’12 – May’15) and secondly with support from World Diabetes Foundation (Jan’16 – March’18).

The second project, “Community-based Diabetes Detection and Care”, was implemented in five administrative blocks of Jodhpur District. Through door-to-door visits, in cooperation with frontline health workers, more than 152,000 people were verbally screened to identify their risk of diabetes; more than 33,000 people at risk were tested in hospitals and specially arranged testing camps in the villages and 2,700 were diagnosed with diabetes. The project formed and trained 1116 community-based support groups (TRIOs) for the neediest diabetes patients, to help them adhere to their treatment and required lifestyle changes.

Objective/s of the Project: To study the lifestyle of the patients identified by HPPI.

  • To know the health seeking practices of diabetic patients in terms of screening for diabetes.
  • To understand the effect of support from community-based support groups (TRIO) on management of diabetes.
  • To report percent improvement in glucose level after intervention and introduction of TRIO group.
  • To document the success stories and good practices of TRIOs.