Completed Project

Climate Change, Uncertainty and Transformation

Agency : Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway

Team Upasona Ghosh, Manasee Mishra, Shibaji Bose (Consultant), Sabyasachi Mandal (Research Assistant)

The study used qualitative methodology to explore how different actors from above (e.g. policy makers), middle (e.g. media) and below (e.g. local communities) conceptualize climate change related uncertainties in the Sundarbans in West Bengal. It explored how and to what extent climatic uncertainties were impacting the major drivers in the lives of the ‘below’ of Sundarbans, and how people were living with such uncertainties. Further, it explored whether and to what extent climatic uncertainties were leading towards transformation in the socio- ecological system of the Sundarbans. The study was expected to contribute to an understanding of the following in the Sundarbans in West Bengal: contextual and social changes due to the changing climate; coping and adaptation mechanisms of the people of the Sundarbans due to climatic threats; policy paradigms and implementation with specific reference to changing climate; and future alternative pathways for sustainable development for the people of the Sundarbans.