Completed Project

Participatory Action Research on Interventions to Support Deaf Young People in West Bengal and Karnataka

Agency : Deaf Child Worldwide (DCW), UK

Team Manasee Mishra, Usha Manjunath, Saheli Manish Kumar, Syed Ali A, Mahadeva Prasad

The purpose of the action research project was to design, implement and test a set of interventions for deaf young people in a sample of the DCW project sites in India. The action research project took into consideration the policy and socio-cultural contexts (including issues of gender equity). The process of designing the set of interventions, implementing and testing it, was to be carried out in a participatory manner, with deaf young people being active participants throughout the process.

Such participatory action research benefitted them in immediate and long-term contexts. Deaf young people were empowered during their engagement in the process. Activities such as reflections of life experiences, articulation of aspirations, interaction with peers, or the enabling environment created through the action research intervention positively affected them as the action research project was underway.

The long-term benefits of the action research project were that, it would offer a set of interventions that was designed, implemented and tested for its effectiveness. Future programming of DCW for deaf young people in India and other countries across the world was actively informed by the set of interventions tested in the action research project.