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It has always been an important objective of the University to strengthen the dissemination of the research work being conducted at the Institute. In this endeavour, the Institute publishes occasional papers, working papers, policy briefs and newsletters. In order to explore major issues of health policy and health management including population and family welfare in developing countries, the University also publishes Journal of Health Management, a quarterly publication from the Sage Publications, New Delhi.
The Journal caters to the needs of health policy makers, health managers, reflective practitioners and action-oriented researchers. As a referred publication, the Journal features articles based on first-hand experiences and empirical research and cases related to management and policy issues analyzed from different points of view. It contains reviews articles on specific aspects of health management; book reviews; abstracts of current literature from journals, books and other sources; bibliographic essays on significant papers and books published outside India; and a listing of resources, including training manuals, technical guidelines, IEC material, instruments, and source books.
IIHMR Newsletter is published to bring together a short account of the significant happenings at the Institute. It updates readers on the development activities and events in the recent months.
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