Abstract of Dissertation

Agency : AWW, AWC, Supervisor, Functioning of the Supervisory Mechanisms, Feedback

Objective : The objectives of study are to assess the profile of nonenrolled children and their families, assess the knowledge and awareness level among the community about the ICDS programme, assess the various factors that influence the non-enrollment of children and recommend strategies for better enrollment in ICDS.

Background : Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS) represents one of the world’s largest and most unique programmes for early childhood development. ICDS is the foremost symbol of India’s commitment to her children, to the challenge of providing pre-school education on one hand and breaking the vicious cycle of malnutrition, morbidity, reduced learning capacity and mortality.ICDS consists of six basic components for service delivery viz Supplementary nutrition, Immunization, Health check-up, Referral services, Pre-school non-formal education and Nutrition & health education.

Methodology : The study is descriptive cross sectional study and was conducted 49 in Junagadh district of Gujarat for four months (February to May). Two Blocks were purposively selected based on the criteria of low performing in Enrollment based on the physical reporting from the District. The data is collected from respondents which were 100 mothers of non-enrolled children (6months-6years) and respondents were selected by simple random sampling method.

Findings : Demographic profile of children: Majority of the respondents children belong to age group 3-5 Years, 57% belongs to muslim religion, most of them live in Joint family. Community Perception about ICDS: Most of the respondents are aware about the supplementary nutrition services of ICDS, whereas awareness about immunization, child feeding/growth chart and PSE is low. Factors contributing to Non Enrollment were increased distance to AWC, Teaching in Gujarati, Overlapping of Anganwadi timing with primary school, poor physical infrastructure.

Recommendations : From the above study, it can be concluded that majority of the respondents were aware about the supplementary nutrition services of ICDS followed by Immunization. Whereas, other services like child feeding & growth chart and PSE/ECE are less known. Topmost 5 factors for non Enrolment in District are: Increased distance to AWC, Teaching in Gujarati, Overlapping of Anganwadi timing with primary school, Poor physical infrastructure, Approach by Anganwadi worker for Enrolment in AWC.