Abstract of Dissertation

Agency : IPHS Standards, ISO, Gap analysis, Public Health.

Objective : The objective of the study was to assess the existing service delivery status of the hospital as per IPHS guidelines, to identify the gaps if any, as per IPHS guidelines and to provide suggestions so as to meet the requirements as per IPHS guidelines.

Background : The performance of district hospitals can be assessed against a set of standards such as Indian Public Health Standards (IPHS) which contains the standards to bring the District Hospitals to a minimum acceptable functional grade with scope for further improvement in it. By maintaining the IPHS standards the district hospital can establish a comprehensive Quality business management system.

Methodology : IPHS Checklist and guidelines used for total survey of the hospital in terms of Services provided, Manpower, Physical Infrastructure, Equipments, drugs and Lab Services. Observation and personal Interview was used to illustrate the various processes of hospital and to know the functioning of each department with reference to IPHS guidelines. Extensive analysis was done based on data collected. After process flow and analysis of gaps, actions to be taken with respect to the laid down requirements of the IPHS guidelines were recommended.

Findings : In the Gap analysis survey for IPHS for 101-200 bedded District Hospital, the gap severity has been graded as low, medium high in all the departments of the hospital with gap reference to IPHS standards. Most of the departments do not provide the essential services which are minimum standard services. According to the IPHS checklist there is less than 50% utilization/ provision of services.

Recommendations : The study assessed compliance in various departments of the hospital as per IPHS norms and found out the gaps which needed to be fulfilled for quality improvement of the district hospital, Sangrur. By achieving the quality care services District Hospital will be able get ISO 9001:2008 certification and also achieve IPHS Standards. Gaps of all the departments are mainly process gaps, some of those gaps are infrastructure, equipment and manpower gaps. Study also suggested specific and general action to be taken for full filling those gaps.