Abstract of Dissertation

Agency : No-Show Rate, Utilization of the Cardiology Clinic, Staff Underutilization

Objective : To assess the current rate of no show cases in Burjeel hospital and their characteristics and to suggest the solutions and methods that could be adopted to enhance the level of utilization of the cardiology clinic.

Background : A missed appointment affects the healthcare provider, staff, system and the patient. There is health risk of the patient that doesn’t show up and of the patient seeking an appointment who couldn’t get a free slot. It leads to loss of revenue (staff underutilization, provider productivity)

Methodology : The study was done in 2 parts, the retrospective study and the prospective study .The research design used was Descriptive Research. The method of data collection was through the SAP software of Burjeel hospital. The study was done on all the pre appointment guests in the cardiology clinic in Burjeel hospital.

Findings : 29.2% of the appointments were no shows in the retrospective study. Out of these 60% were male and only 33% were females and highest no shows were during the afternoon. In the prospective study after the intervention, it was found that the no show rate decreased to 22.5% with 62% of the no shows as females and 36% as males. But still the maximum no shows were in the afternoon. Out of the no shows 35% had confirmed a day prior that they will have the consultation. By applying the intervention 59 prospective no shows were averted by rescheduling and cancellation and many more were reminded of their appointments. The no shows were because of the time gap between the day of booking of appointment and the actual appointment day. Another reason found was that the guest had already visited the clinic as walk in without appointment a few days prior to the actual appointment

Recommendations : Personalized reminder calls a day prior to the appointment coupled with guest education about the importance of keeping the appointments can help lower the No-Show rate and increase the utilization of the cardiology clinic in Burjeel hospital

Personal reminder calls were made a day prior to the appointment to all the pre appointment guests in Burjeel hospital’s cardiology clinic; education to the guests about the importance of follow up appointments by the doctors and nurses was provided and scheduling of appointments was made as per the requirements of the guests.