Abstract of Dissertation

Agency : Housekeeping, Infection Control, Compliance and Awareness, ICU

Methodology : The research design used was descriptive type in nature. The compliance and the knowledge of the housekeeping workers was assessed and matched with the current SOPs of cleaning processes. Current SOP’s were assessed for any improvement required. This was assessed in a self made excel sheet.

Findings : The main issues found were communication gap, coordination gap and awareness of the housekeeping staff. The housekeeping staff was found not compliant with the SOP’s as shown by data analysis which indicates different response to same questions asked. There was a mixed response to the questions asked which indicate their non compliance and unawareness of the work they are doing.

Recommendations : The Housekeeping Department in a hospital helps in prevention and minimizing of the effect of the microorganisms in the environment by training its staff on regular basis, along with regular controls of cleanliness and applying the programs declared by the Infection Control Committee. Regular training of the housekeeping staff is must to make them aware of the importance and criticality of work they are doing.

Hospital is a place, which renders medical service to the patients. The role of housekeeping in hospitals is to create a peaceful, infection free and pleasant atmosphere required for the speedy recovery of the patients. The control of hospital infections requires team work. Housekeeping services includes activities aimed to maintain a healthy, clean, orderly, safe and pleasant environment by making the maximum use of the facilities of hospitals.