Abstract of Dissertation

Agency : Dipstick Survey, Market Access, Hospital Services Utilization

Objective : 1. To determine the level of awareness regarding Gulf Medical College Hospitals among people of Al Qusais area of Dubai. 2. To determine the level of satisfaction from the services of GMC Hospitals, among people of Al Qusais area of Dubai. 3. To determine the current ‘Hospital Services Utilization Pattern’, in terms of source of information on medical treatment, charges paid for specialist consultation and choice of facility in medical emergency, among people of Al Qusais area of Dubai. 4. To determine the preference for language and nationality of treating Doctor, among people of Al Qusais area of Dubai.

Background : Gulf Medical College Hospital Group of UAE, an enterprise of Thumbay Group of Companies and affiliated to Gulf Medical University has been successfully providing healthcare services in UAE since 1998. After successfully establishing itself as a Hospital brand that provides quality treatment at affordable prices through its Hospitals at Ajman, Sharjah and Fujairah, the group now intends to establish itself in Dubai, need was felt by senior management at GMC Hospitals to conduct a Dipstick Survey in Dubai in the Al Quasais area of Dubai, where the new hospital will be located. The study comprises collection and analysis of primary data, aimed at determining the awareness among the people of Al Quasais area of Dubai regarding Gulf Medical College Hospitals and identifying their current buying behaviour and expectations from the new hospital.

Methodology : It is a Cross Sectional Dipstick Study utilizing a semi structured Questionnaire. Respondents were 375 individuals conveniently selected among the general public of Al Qusais area of Dubai. Data thus collected was compiled and analysed to deduce relevant information regarding awareness of people about GMC Hospitals and their expectations from upcoming Gulf Medical College Hospital in Al Qusais area of Dubai.

Findings : Forty percent people are aware of GMC Hospitals. Nearly onefifth of respondents experienced the services of GMC Hospitals, out of which about 10 percent were not satisfied with its services. Charges paid by most of the people for a consultation by a specialist doctor in Dubai were in the range of 200-250 AED. Internet was the primary source of information regarding medical treatment followed by Friends & Relatives and Doctors. English speaking Indian Doctors are the most preferred by prospective patients. Nearest clinic and Private Hospital Emergency Department were most preferred by people in case of a medical emergency

Recommendations : Operational aspects of Hospital services need to be improved for generating better patient satisfaction, and marketing needs to be increased to create greater brand awareness regarding GMC Hospitals in Dubai. English speaking Indian doctors should be hired as they are liked by people. Consultation charges for a specialist doctor should be kept in the range of 200-250 AED or less. An Impressive Interactive Website, Referral Marketing and Offers & Events targeting friends and relatives of existing patients are important for marketing of our new hospital in Dubai. There is a good opportunity to market 24*7 Emergency services.