Abstract of Dissertation

Agency : Marketing interventions, Advertising, Hospital, Hospital Marketing

Recommendations : According to Cooper in his text, "Marketing: a Foundation for Managed Quality," the American Hospitals Association held its first marketing convention in 1977. This was the first known effort by a respected industry association toward collaborative efforts focused on promoting various aspects of the health industry. Marketing in health care has since become big business. Objectives of Study is to evaluate Marketing interventions in a Newly Commissioned hospital and To ascertain which is more useful at initial phases for Hospital Growth .Although the health care and hospital marketing arena has grown rapidly, it has not been without challenges. The advertising of pharmaceuticals, in particular, has faced many challenges regarding the appropriate promotion of new drugs. Health marketing itself, given the ethical implications and its impact on public good, requires extra consideration during marketing planning. Marketing stakeholders must ensure advertising meets legal and ethical guidelines established by a variety of industry associations. After this study the conclusion can be drawn as the events like free medical camp are more beneficial at the initial phases of hospital growth. As the 84 investment require organizing a camp is not a big amount as the consultants are available with the hospital on full time basis. The patients coming for the free medical screening camp for any department also visit other departments and have a view of the world class hospital infrastructure which was earlier lacking in the city. Also it generated revenue and we get return on investment of the camp as the diagnostic, radiological and pathological patients are fully utilized. Patient referral to other specialist of the Hospital is also observed which develops cordial relationship among various department and patient gets all the facilities under one roof.