Abstract of Dissertation

Agency : Infant Mortality, Child Mortality, Influencing Factors, Gujarat, Neonatal

Recommendations : The main purpose of this study is to observe the influencing factors on infant and child mortality in Anand District, Gujarat. Primary data have been used to examine the differential patterns of infant and child mortality based on socioeconomic and demographic characteristics. The study results reveal that several socioeconomic, demographic and health related variables affect infant and child mortality. Analysis results indicate that the most significant predictors of neonatal, post-neonatal, and child mortality levels are birth interval, poverty level. The risk of neonatal mortality is 86.70 percent lower after a birth interval of 36 months and above than under 18 months. Mother’s education and toilet facilities are significant predictors during neonatal and childhood. For instance, risk of neonatal mortality is almost 80% lower among the women having secondary education than those having no education. So, attention should be given to female education and expansion of public health system for reducing the risk of infant and child mortality.