Abstract of Dissertation

Agency : Long Waiting Time, OPD Services, Guest Department in Hospital, Guest Satisfaction

Methodology : The study is cross sectional in nature and the data collection method is purposive sampling. During the study both qualitative data like factors responsible for long waiting time in OPD, its impact on guest satisfaction and quantitative data like average waiting time of the guests in OPD, percent distribution of satisfaction score given by the guests has been collected. The data has been collected through face to face interview with the help of semi-structured questionnaire and to estimate the average waiting time daily reporting of in-time and out-time of guests coming in the has been measured. The study area is Out Guest Department of Cocoon Hospital, Jaipur.

Findings : Waiting time for guests in OPD is quite high. Although only few number of the guests are dissatisfied with the waiting time at different service areas and but they should be taken in more consideration as a single bottleneck of the hospital can affect the efficiency of overall functioning of the system. Every guest attending the hospital is responsible for spreading the good image of the hospital and therefore satisfaction of guests attending the hospital is equally important for hospital management.

Recommendations :

Out Guest Department is the mirror of the hospital, which reflects overall functioning of the hospital, being the first point of contact between the guest and the hospital staff. Nowadays OPD services of majority of the hospitals are facing queuing and waiting time problems that is resulting into guest dissatisfaction. Waiting for consultation and getting investigations done in the hospital is one of the main reasons behind guest s not wanting to avail the services of that particular hospital. Provision of quick and efficient services is only possible with optimum utility of resources through multitasking in a single window system in the OPD.