Abstract of Dissertation

Agency : Green Initiatives, Environmental Friendly, Go Green, DEWA

Objective : To conduct a baseline assessment for the hospital as kind of gap analysis to plan for smoothly shifting BHAS (Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery, Dubai) into green building and environmental friendly hospital based on the ISO 14001 standards

Methodology : First of all a questionnaire was filled by the employees and a general level of awareness was assessed Then few criteria were decided to be measured for judgment of going green organization like number of tissue boxes consumed, paper, cartridge consumption, electricity and water consumption on the basis of 14001 standards. A brainstorming session was organized to come up with maximum possible ideas of different green initiatives which could be taken up by the hospital Then by multi voting all the possible initiatives suggested were agreed upon and implemented.

Findings : All the staff members are following the Going Green initiatives and as a result a reduction in the consumption pattern of the tissue, paper, electricity and water was noticed. Tissue boxes (three types i.e big roll tissues, folded tissue and toilet tissues) consumption reduced from 72 to almost 55 boxes per month One big roll tissue box has four rolls, one box of folded tissue has ten packs and toilet tissues has twenty packs) Plastic and Foam cups consumption reduced from around 36 to 22 boxes per month (one box contains hundred cups) and similarly 5% to 10% reduction in electricity consumption was noticed, which hopefully will further reduce in times to come. Organization registered in DEWA and solar panel installed The 3 R’s are to be followed: R-EDUCE, R-EUSE, and R-ECYCLE

Recommendations : This ‘Go Green’ project has demonstrated that an initiative does not require a huge sum of money in order to be successful, and 60 that a well-established strategy and process is the key, to a long-lasting impact. By creating and adopting green building standards, hospitals and healthcare providers can make a clear and bold statement that- They Really Care! The health sector is one of the most trusted and respected sections of society and is also one of the largest employers and consumers of energy. This presents both a responsibility and an opportunity to be an ‘early mover’ to achieve climate-neutrality in its own operations, and to demon¬strate that this can go hand-in-hand with improved effective¬ness and cost savings.