Abstract of Dissertation

Agency : Operating Theatre Utilization, Continuous Quality Improvement, Operation Theatre Scheduling

Recommendations : Management of operating theatres requires the coordination of human and material resources in such a way that surgery can be performed efficiently, cost effectively, and safely” within the rules of clinical governance of standards. Enhancing the efficiency of operating theatre has been always a challenging process especially in a quick changing healthcare sector with increased patient care complexity. The main objective of the study is to improve the operation theatre utilization of a multispecialty hospital. Operating theatre inefficiency and changeover delays are not only a significant source of wasted resources, but also a familiar source of frustration to patients and health-care providers. Accurate and real time scheduling assist in predicting staffing needs, ensuring availability of required equipment and supplies and thus contribute to a smooth running operating theatre. Ineffective team communication is frequently the main cause of inefficient work flow. Formation of proper policies and procedures for each process like Operation Theatre booking, patient preparation, sterilization practices, clearance, investigation and consent can improve the efficiency of operation theatre. Regular audits of operation theatre; introduction of lean six sigma approach in work flow process to reduce the defects and continuous quality improvement can improve the utilization of operation theatre