Abstract of Dissertation

Agency : Internal marketing, Employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, patient amplification.

Methodology : An employee satisfaction survey was conducted amongst staff members at LLH hospital, Musaffah, Abu Dhabi. Satisfaction on pre-identified staff satisfaction dimensions was assessed. These dimensions were employed to implement an internal marketing strategy. A list of dimensions was formulated after an extensive review of literature. A total of 142 employees voluntarily completed a self-administered questionnaire and a total of 1500 customers were surveyed for the satisfaction towards the hospital in the duration of three months.A five-point Likert type scale was used to measure the levels of satisfaction on staff-related issues, with a view to addressing issues in the internal marketing strategy.

Findings : Based on the analysis, motivation and empowerment of employees gap areas in the internal marketing strategies have been identified. It is observed that employee satisfaction is related to customer satisfaction, so enhancing the internal marketing strategies of hospital will lead to patient amplification.

Recommendations : This paper aims to present a comprehensive framework of internal marketing for LLH Hospital Management to prioritize important staff related issues in order to satisfy their needs. The suggestions can improve the plan of internal marketing for overall growth of hospital in terms of employee retention and customer loyalty.

Purpose: The purpose of the dissertation is to determine the levels of employee satisfaction in respect of pre identified internal marketing related dimensions in LLH Hospital, Musaffah, and Abu Dhabi Problem investigated: Internal marketing for in house customers is one of the contemporary issues in healthcare organizations. Low job satisfaction is often cited as a major cause of high turnover among health care providers worldwide. Measuring components of job satisfaction will assist not only the health care organizations’ management to understand hospital culture, but also to compile an effective internal marketing plan 80 and strategy. Employee satisfaction plays a major role in employee behavior towards the customers and their loyalty towards the organization.