Abstract of Dissertation

Agency : RMNCH+A, FHS, MO, ECP, Health Workers

Objective : The objectives of study is to assess the knowledge of RMNCH+A among Health workers

Background : Health outcome goals established in 12th Five Year Plan and the Reproductive, Maternal, Neonatal, Child and Adolescent Health (RMNCH+A) is the strategy. Central guiding tenets of RMNCH+A strategy are equity, universal care, entitlement and accountability. Its emphasis is on establishing the “continuum of care”, which includes integrated service delivery in various life stages of life. This strategy is based on the sound premise that health of an individual is interlinked. In order to achieve these goals RMNCH+A has introduced 5x5 Matrix, which has 5 pillars and five service packages. The minimum essential commodities which are required to deliver these services and should be known by Health Workers.

Methodology : The study is descriptive cross sectional study. The data was collect using stratified random sampling and interview schedule for medical officers and health workers. A total of 104 (59 Medical Officers and 45 Female Health Supervisors) health workers were interviewed during 15 March to 15 April 2014.

Findings : All the medical officers and health workers were aware of OCP and routine immunization. All the MOs were aware of Oxytocin, alebendozole, and Vitamin A. About 75-99 per cent of the Medical officers were aware of IUCD, ECP, ORS, Mucous extractor, and mesopristol. Out of 10 FHWs, only 4-5 were aware of adolescent health commodities.

Recommendations : Awareness of minimum essential commodities among health workers about RMNCH+A 5X5 Matrix was incomplete in all the five component of matrix. None of the component was known completely by both the group of the subjects.