Abstract of Dissertation

Agency : Patient Satisfaction, Reducing the Wating Time, Hospital the Waiting Time

Objective : 1. To analyze the current waiting time in dermatology clinic 2. To identify the key factors in the delay which leads to increased waiting time and delay in appointments. 3. To assess the patient satisfaction due to long waiting time. 4. To suggest the solutions and methods that could be adopted to reduce the waiting time. 5. To test the hypothesis that the scheduling of appointments in dermatology clinic can be streamlined to reduce the waiting time

Background : The Department caters to more than 100 patients per day and the elite class is the target area of the hospital. The waiting time in the clinic was documented to be around 30-45 minutes for the month of February and March. Due to the long waiting time the patients were highly dissatisfied and sometimes had to cancel or reschedule the appointments. This ultimately affects the revenue of the hospital.

Methodology : 1. Study Area: Burjeel Hospital, Abu Dhabi 2. Sample Unit: Patients of Burjeel Hospital, Abu Dhabi 3. Research Design: Descriptive Study 4. Method of data collection: Through direct observations Sampling design 1. Total Patients (April) – 2452 2. Doctor A (with maximum patients) -824 3. Based on 20% sampling 4. Sample Size -165 5. Sample Size taken :193 6. Sample Design: Convenient Sampling 7. Duration- Prospective-3 week/ Retrospective- 1 Month

Recommendations : The waiting time was 33 minutes in the month of April which is mainly because of the procedures done randomly and also because of the walk in patients accepted which alter the schedule of the appointment patients. By rescheduling the procedures the waiting time can be reduced an dthus paient satisfaction can be increased