Abstract of Dissertation

Agency : Standard Operating Procedure, Ambulance, Actual Consumption, Current Indent Process

Recommendations : The project is about assessing current indent process and suggesting the action plan to monitor actual consumption of different states. The project includes understanding of indent process in Meghalaya, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh and also the standard process. In this project the indent process followed by states and the standard process are compared to find gaps if any and finally proposing an effective way to meet ambulance requirement on the basis of actual consumption and supply. The project is focused on only the two categories of equipment- Pharmacological Agents (medicines) and Disposable Medical Equipment. These items have been considered as the most important as these being primarily used during pre-hospital care. Proper monitoring and actual demand analysis of such items from the head office will help to reduce the wastage of these items as cost incurred is the maximum for them. The current system for providing medicines and medical consumables which is followed in GVK EMRI is Pull Process. In this process indent is released on actual demand- medicines and medical consumables are dispatched as per the indent generated by EMTs. This process is reactive which results in long delivery time. Through this project a new system (Push system) was developed in which indent can be released based on demand forecast from the case closure application. It acts proactively and keeps inventory to meet actual demand. The new indent procedure has been accepted by the organization for adaptation for all 14 states and 2 Union Territories after successful completion of the pilot testing.