Abstract of Dissertation

Agency : WIFS, Adolescent Girls, SABLA Taleem Center, Iron Tablet, Folic Acid.

Objective : To review the operational process of the WIFS program; and To study knowledge of WIFS (why, what, where, who, when and how) among the girls aged Between 11-19 years

Background : As RMNCH+A is a new approach in health system and “A” represents adolescents in it as an approach to life cycle. Anemia is a major cause in maternal death and infant death and WIFS is an important component to fight anemia. WIFS Program is based on the empirical evidence that weekly supplementation of 100mg Iron and 500μg Folic acid is effective in decreasing prevalence of anemia in adolescent age group.

Methodology : The present study is an analytical study. The study was carried out from February, 2014 to April, 2014 in Jamnagar. A total of 200 adolescent girls (aged between 11-19 years) both school going and out of school (irregular school going or enrolled but not going to school) were interviewed from 10 Taluka (20 girls from each Taluka at SABLA Training center in Jamnagar district under WIFS program

Findings : The socio economic status of the families residing in the district is a lot better and most of them were living in pakka houses (83%). A majority of the class is labor class (41%) still they encourage girl education and support it well (School going girl – 76% and 74% go regularly). A majority (71%) of adolescent knew about the program and the place where it runs (96%).Out of 200 girls, 86% (172) girls knew who is responsible to provide them the tablet. Of these, 97% were aware of the specific day and the correct color of the tablet (86%).Out of 172 girls, 83% knew the right way of taking the tablet and 21% said that there were no proper instructions given and no feedback taken (36%) and no prior Hb test (38%) done.

Recommendations : Awareness of the WIFS in the Jamnagar district was found to be satisfactory among the adolescent girls. However, there is scope to improve upon like, Hb test for all the girls, administering the tablet with proper instructions and establishing feedback of the girls after it.