Abstract of Dissertation

Agency : OT, Delay in Surgery, Operation Theatre, Utilization of OT

Objective : • To study the process of OT and identify the bottleneck if there is any using the indicator Critical to quality (CTQ) that involves taking follow up record of each operating room and each operation. • To recommend the solution for reducing the bottlenecks in the utilization of the operation theatre and improving the efficiency and reducing the delay in surgeries leading to more revenue generation for the hospital.

Background : Operation theatre is the department of the hospital where a high cost is incurred. The optimum utilization of the operation theatre will not be achieved if the resources are not used effectively. Operation theatre represents significant amount of expenditure in the hospital budget so it is necessary for making the operation theatre efficient enough to meet the demands of high revenue generation for the hospital and improving patient flow and reducing waiting list. Optimal use of the capacity of the operation theatre can be achieved by improved work flow of the organization, such as better team of surgeons, anaesthetist etc.

Methodology : The present study is descriptive study of all the scheduled IPD patient undergoing surgery in Paras HMRI Hospital for 3 Months from Feb’ 10th to May 10th.Primary data for the study is collected from patient’s interviews with help of structured questionnaire.

Findings : The study showed that most of the scheduled surgeries performed were of orthopaedic i.e. 54.9% followed by general surgery i.e. 35.18% followed by neuro surgery i.e. 9.39%.Most of the surgeries performed were major surgeries. The major reasons for delay in surgeries were found because of non-financial clearance i.e. 48.24% followed by late shifting of the patient i.e.21.92%.

Recommendations : The delay in the surgeries is being found, which affected appropriate utilization of OT. This might be avoided by providing adequate nursing staff, reconfirmation of PAC prior to surgery, part preparation to be done before shifting of patient from ward to pre OP and arrangement of blood a day prior to the surgery.