Abstract of Dissertation

Agency : Employee engagement, Locus of control, OCTAPACE, Role efficacy of Nurses scale A.

Objective : • To Study motivational level (Locus of Control) in the organization. • To Study role efficacy of the employees in organization. • To Study organizational culture and ethos in the organization and • To develop alternative strategies to increase employee engagement in organization

Background : Major challenge for HR today is how to engage and ultimately retain employees particularly amid an economic downturn. The study aims at knowing the level of engagement in nursing staff of the hospital as it has a three way effect on attrition, productivity and profitability of an organization. The desired engagement spheres in employees are the psychological state engagement, behavioural state engagement and trait engagement. Simply, an engaged employee is one who is emotionally, physically and cognitively attached to the organization.

Methodology : For the purpose of the study understanding the levers of employee engagement was done with the help of journals and secondary data from the studies and survey’s done in same field. Once the parameters were identified, developing a questionnaire for the survey was the next logical step. This was carried out with the help of Udai Pareek’s Training instruments in HRD and OB following the data collection on sample of 50 Nurses.

Findings : The scores of Locus of control stated that the respondents were internally motivated but were under the influence of peers and super ordinates with believing in luck and chance to some extent. On the other hand scores of OCTAPACE revealed that organization supports open culture, welcomes initiatives but lacks in autonomy of the respondents. Finally role Efficacy reflected that respondents are only concerned about their roles and are not linked with each other, lack pro activity leading to feeling of not valuable to organization landing them into Dis-engaged level.

Recommendations : The organization should work towards motivating employees to achieve long term goals. As engaged employees are the asset 72 to the organization, they should feel that they are valuable to organization and their presence matters in decisions. Organization should work in this direction with some engaging activities at intra and inter department level.