Abstract of Dissertation

Agency : Hospital Acquired Infection, Prevention Care Unit, Intensive Care Unit, ICU

Methodology : A non experimental evidence based study was conducted in the Heritage Hospital Varanasi for the time period of 3 months. All ICUs of hospital was reviewed. The required data was collected from hospital nursing staffs who work in Medical Intensive Care Units. Staff of microbiology lab was interviewed through checklist, personal observation and through studying relevant record in medical intensive Care units was also undertaken. The sample size of patients was 329.

Findings : Total 329 patients were admitted in and taken as sample in various ICUs of hospital during the period of study. Out of those 91 patients ie.28% got infection during the period of stay in hospital. There was the highest rate of infection ie.50% in Surgical ICU. In MICU the HAI rate was 28%, in NICU HAI rate was 28%, in CCU it was18% and in PICU it was 13%. Root of infections were found as Blood, Urine, Pus, Sputum, Swab, Catheter tip, E.T tube.

Recommendations : The study shows that infection level was very high in ICUs of hospital. Infection control measures as training and awareness of staff for hand hygiene and infection control programme need to be implemented. Proper documented process flow in CCSD department for sterilization of equipments needs to be followed. OT cleaning by sodium hypochlorite before and after each procedure needs to be done. Standard HVAC system should be maintained. Infection control committee needs to be formed. These steps should be taken as soon as possible because high level of HAI shows the poor quality of services. It overburdens the health care services.

The study was conducted to find out the causes of hospital acquired infections in ICUs. Since infection control is the quality standard of patient care, it was essential for wellbeing and safety of both patients and health care workers. Also, infection control measures should be viewed as a priority and have to be fully integrated into the continuous process of improvement of quality care