Abstract of Dissertation

Agency : EYE Q, Marketing Strategy, Vision, Direct customers

Objective :

  1. To study the existing facilities /services of the hospital.
  2. To study the existing marketing strategy or plan for direct customers of the hospital.
  3. To study the expectations and complaints of direct customers of the hospital.
  4. To recommend various marketing strategies for the direct customers.

Background : Identifying and developing marketing strategies for direct customers focuses on identifying the potential customers of the hospital and developing marketing strategies to understand their expectations, satisfaction level and provide and organize the services as per their need demand. For a hospital, direct customers are patients that generate revenue or create brand image or earn benefit indirectly. Due to this the study is concentrated on targeting these three groups. With these strategies, the hospital would be able to establish an idea about the need, demand and expectation of its direct and indirect customer’s. It would also help the hospital to tune its services /facilities up to the expectations of its potential customers and give them an opportunity to improve upon its existing services. Internal marketing is all about creating a good relationship with employees. Marketing of services has become a vital component as an option for healthcare industry. With increasing competition, healthcare market is undergoing a transition from service providers’ dominance to service seekers’ preference.

Methodology : The study was a descriptive analytical study. The study was conducted from February, 2014 to April, 2014 in Eye Q hospital Hisar Haryana. A sample size of 100 was achieved out of a total population of 2000 patients who got treated at Eye Q hospital Hisar Haryana from 1st February 2014 to 31st March 2014. Systematic random sampling was done to achieve this; every 20th person was interviewed till the sample size was achieved. Primary data was collected through questionnaires, face to face interview with the target respondents and secondary data was collected through list of patients from data base.

Findings : It was analyzed from the study that most of the patient of Eye Q came to know about it through advertisement in newspapers (42%). Majority of the patients who came for treatment in the hospital suffered from vision problem (29%). Patient who came for treatment were referred by their relatives or friends (45%). Patients were highly satisfied by the cost of treatment and the treatment by the experienced doctors. Patients were highly enthusiastic to recommend the hospital to their friends and relative for eye care.

Recommendations :

1. Need to display the board for week wise availability of doctors at the entrance to update every patient for the further follow up by same doctor.

2. Tie up with NGO’s, schools, colleges and universities.

3. Displaying of Banners, billboards at police station, bus stands and important railway stations.

4. Publishing articles related to various eye care issues in local newspaper by the consultants of the hospitals.

5. There is need to display health related information in the waiting area through audio visual aids or any other electronic medium.