Abstract of Dissertation

Agency : Operation Theatre, OT Utilization, Utilization of Operation Theatre

Objective : • To find out the OT utilization rate at Soni Manipal Hospital, Jaipur. • To find out the bottlenecks and ensure efficient utilization of OT. • To suggest the remedial measures to improve the OT utilization.

Background : Operation theatre is the complex workshop in a hospital that incurs huge cost thus it is necessary to have effective and efficient utilization of operation theatre. Managing the operating theater, however, is hard due to conflicting priorities and preferences of its stakeholders

Methodology : All surgery cases in period between February to April 2014 were taken. The study was Descriptive study in which only one population was taken.

Recommendations : • OT utilization rate was found to be 34.52% in month of February and 32.55% in month of March. • On an average there was two hour delay in start of OT. • Lack of communication was there in booking of OT’s. • Proper scheduling of the cases was not there. • OT was booked before getting all the clearances. • There was a significant delay in shifting of patients.