Abstract of Dissertation

Agency : AWW, AWC, Supervisor, Functioning of the Supervisory Mechanisms, Feedback

Objective : The objectives of study were, to review the supervision process of AWCs, assess the perception of AWWs about the adequacy of supervision and current status of functioning of the supervisory mechanisms, and assess the perception of Lady Supervisors about the adequacy of supervisory practices and to develop a supervision model.

Background : Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS) represents one of the world’s largest and most unique programmes for early childhood development. ICDS is the foremost symbol of India’s commitment to her children, to the challenge of providing pre-school education on one hand and breaking the vicious cycle of malnutrition, morbidity, reduced learning capacity and mortality.ICDS consists of six basic components for service delivery which are Supplementary nutrition, Immunization , Health check-up, Referral services, Pre-school non-formal education and Nutrition & health education.

Methodology : The study is descriptive cross sectional study. The data is collected from respondents which are 40 anganwadi workers and 12 lady supervisors by quantitative and qualitative techniques. The data is collected from March 2014 to April 2014.The anganwadi workers are selected by simple random sampling method.

Findings : The supervision processes of AWCs are at three levels: Village, Block and District.The feedback process which is one of main aspect of supervision is lacking at all levels.Only 7.5% of AWWs are aware of their duties and responsibilities and know about the schemes by ICDS. There is lack of maintenance and verification of registers. AWWs believe that monthly sector meeting is for sharing data only. The other supportive supervisory don’t help AWW and have no supervision on supervisor’s work. The other drawback is non availability of MPR format at supervisor level which leads to disarray in record and maintenance of data collection for supervisors.

Recommendations : The supervision process is available at all three levels of ICDS and there is lack of immediate feedback at all levels. One out of 10 AWWs knows about all of their roles and responsibilities and are able to mention SNP schemes in AWC. Still 70% of them think that their AWCs are functioning properly and should be scored highest i.e 5. The supervisors are not supervised by their supervisors. The paucity of review meeting policy at all level leads to lack of supervision and then insufficient knowledge about proper functioning of AWCs.