Abstract of Dissertation

Agency : Waste disposal, training of employees,Color coded bins,Awareness and attitude towards biomedical waste disposal

Objective : Not Available

Background : Management of biomedical waste is a crucial issue for maintaining human health and the environment in healthcare settings. The waste generated in the hospitals has the potential for spreading infections and causing diseases. Inadequate and inappropriate knowledge of handling of healthcare waste may have serious health consequences and a significant impact on the environment as well.

Methodology : It was a cross sectional study conducted in District Hospital, Mansa with the objective of assessing the level of awareness amongst the hospital staff regarding waste management rules and ongoing policies and practices on biomedical waste management in the hospital. The study was conducted by using department wise observation checklist and a structured questionnaire. Hospital staff including doctors, nursing staff, technicians, housekeeping staff and others were the study population.

Findings : Certain deficiencies in awareness about the definition of BMW of hospital employees were identified. 100% Doctors, 100 % Housekeeping staff, 100% Others, have better whereas 98.5% Nursing staff and 95% technicians were found to be aware about the same.

Recommendations : The study includes an assortment of details about the identification of different types of waste generated, their handling, treatment and various management strategies adopted by the hospital to manage the Biomedical waste generated in hospital. The importance of training regarding biomedical waste management needs emphasis. Further it was found that lack of knowledge about biomedical waste management impedes practices of appropriate waste disposal.