Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Medical Gas System; Gas Consumption; Liquid Oxygen Gases; Medical Gas Department

Objective : • To assess the medical gas system in Paras hospital, Gurgaon. • To estimate the annual consumption of gas cylinders and cost incurred on the basis of data analysis of last two months. • To identify the various issues which causes the interruption and delay in supply of gases • To propose solutions which would increase the efficiency of medical gas system in Paras hospital

Background : The study was undertaken at Paras Hospital, Gurgaon to study the medical gas system and identify the issues related to it and to estimate the total gas consumption and cost incurred in the gas cylinder annually which would help in the designing and planning of the upcoming hospital of paras group and reduce the incidence related to it and increase its efficiency.

Methodology : a. Type of study: Observational, quantitative, Analytical Study. b. Area of study: Medical gas department c. Study subjects: last 2 months data and Equipments d. Study period: 23rd Feb 2015 to 20th April 2015. e. Source of data i. Primary data: Observational. ii. Secondary data: Published studies and research papers, Academics Publications, Journals

Findings : • The total consumption of gases of liquid oxygen gases consumed-137400 and number of cylinders used (Oxygen cyliders-2064, nitrous oxide cylinders-156, carbon dioxide cylinders-60, Nitrogen cylinders-144) when the average occupancy of hospital is 59%. • Issues in the department are pressure problem less or more, leakage, suction not working, malfunctioning flow meters, damaged valve, alarm problems Major issues are pressure problem less or more and leakage

Recommendations : 1. Proper training of the persons working in medical gas department so that they can identify medical gas cylinders, connection valves, regulators, and the distribution system within a facility. 2. Apart from compressed O2 cylinders, portable liquid oxygen containers and oxygen concentrators should be kept ready • Special places like ICUs should be inspected and test results have to be documented. • Pressure gauzes, shutoff valves, pipes, hosing have to be inspected regularly. • Regular checks and Maintenance is required to supply these gases without any interruption which would increase the efficiency of the medical gas department.