Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Reproductive Health Services; Utilization of Sexual and Reproductive Health; health Facilities;

Objective : 1. To assess the utilization of sexual and reproductive health services at public health facilities by women in reproductive age group. 2. To know the satisfaction level of women on sexual and reproductive health services provided at public health facility.

Background : The purpose of this study was to assess the utilisation and satisfaction level of reproductive and sexual health and service at public health facility, in four high priority district of Rajasthan

Methodology : The study was Descriptive study, cross sectional. Study area was PHC’s and CHC’s of different blocks in four district of Rajasthan. Sampling technique was probability proportional to size. Data collection technique was, exit interviews from the women of reproductive age, data was collected with the help of pre-tested interview scheduled.

Findings : The pattern utilization of sexual and reproductive health service is ANC services(43.1), Delivery(46.9) which is more compare to seeking treatment RTI/STI, contraception, least is for MTP. Average waiting time to receive service was found to be 10-20 minute. About 80 percent wants to consult with female doctor in facility.77 percent, women say that doctor was concern about their They’re very few percent of women who came to PHC’s and/CHC’s for Post natal care.MTP service was almost negligible i.e. women are using public facility very less for MTP. The treatment for RTI/STI is available at public health facility, but utilization of the services by women is less.