Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Health Management Information System, Data quality, Bottlenecks, Sub center

Objective : The objectives of the present were; 1) To analyze the current status of HMIS in terms of quality and 2) To do the bottleneck analysis of HMIS data quality.

Background : Ministry of Health and Family Welfare launched the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) to ensure necessary architectural corrections in the basic health care delivery system. The interventions have increased the demand for data on population and health for use in both micro-level planning and programmed implementation. All levels in a health department; be it a Primary Health Centre or a District Hospital or the State or National Office, need information on regular basis Therefore, a robust information system which can provide accurate, up-to-date, and timely information to the health department is needed at every level. Data flows from sub center level to state level. So gaps and quality issues at sub center level may hinder the analysis, and will lead in to false interpretation.

Methodology : The present study was cross sectional descriptive study. The respective study was conducted in Four Technical support unit Blocks (Chittaura, Mahsi, Mihipurwa, Shivpur) of District Bahraich, Uttar Pradesh. Random sampling of the subcenters was done for each block. 32 ANM, eight from each block was taken as respondents to collect the desired information for the study. Analysis was done at sub center level. Primary data was collected. Quantitative analysis was done.

Findings : Study shows that bottle necks were identified at sub center level due to which data quality was affected. Factors resulting into poor data quality are unavailability of HMIS format, Lack of availability, usage and completion and updating of registers and records, Lack of understanding about the data elements in the HMIS format and Lack of submission of reports on time, Lack of Data accuracy.

Recommendations : It was recommended that Proper set of guideline and procedure should be explained to ANM. For this training should be conducted at block level. ANM and data operates should be the participants. And all the data elements should be explained to them. Reporting period should be clearly mentioned. A pretest and posttest should be scheduled to know the effectiveness of the training. A Log register should be made and maintained on monthly basis by ANM. HMIS report should be timely reviewed on regular basis by the Block managers. The ranking of sub-centers on the performance on quality of HMIS data (completeness and accuracy) and related feedback should be provided to the ANM in monthly review meetings. This will help in motivating grassroots level health workers by creating healthy competitive environment.