Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Inpatient Services; Quality of Care; Critical Analysis

Objective : To assess the level of patient’s satisfaction with the health care services provided by the Inpatient Department of GMC hospital, Ajman, UAE.

Background : The primary goal of the tertiary care hospital is to provide best possible health care to the patients. Patient satisfaction is one of the established yardsticks to measure success of the services provided in the health facilities. Patient satisfaction is a significant indicator of the quality of care. To improve the quality of services, the hospital personnel need to know which factors influence patient satisfaction.

Methodology : Study Design This study was a cross sectional study. This design is particularly aimed to find out the levels of patients’ satisfaction Sample and Study Population The study population consisted of Inpatients aged from 18 – 80 years admitted in inpatient department of GMC, from 21st March to 15th of April in 2015. Sample Size and Sampling Technique Adding, a 10% for incomplete answers, the total number came out to be 337. In order to obtain statistically significant representatives of the population who have been visiting the Inpatient Department, a systematic random sampling was used to draw the interval sampling number of patients that should be skipped for each sample selection. Respondents were interviewed in all shifts of working hours to ensure the proper distribution of patients who represented the total population. Data collection tools The research instrument planned for this study was a structured questionnaire. The questionnaire was divided in to seven parts which included socio-demographic factors, Patient Satisfaction with Doctor Care Quality, Patient Satisfaction with Nurse Care Quality, Patient satisfaction towards Patient Affairs Department, Overall Rating of the Hospital, Suggestion and comments from the respondent regarding the services of GMC. Data Collection Procedure The data was collected from 21st March to 15th of April in 2015. All respondents were selected from the patients who were 18 years old and above and visited the Inpatient Department at the data collection period. Ethical Consideration: 1. Informed written consent, using the consent form designed for this study was obtained from the participants. Prior to administering the questionnaires, the aims and objectives of the study were clearly explained to the participants. 2. Participants were informed that their participation was voluntary and that they could withdraw from the study at any time if they wish to do so.

Findings : Majority of patients rated doctor and nurse care quality as good and very good.