Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Social Digital Media; Internet; Online Appointment Scheduling; Queries; Tracker

Objective : This Study has two major purposes to demonstrate how the trend of social digital media marketing is soon becoming an essential part of the Hospital industry, b) to investigate whether online appointment system is being utilized and is it contributing to the hospital’s revenue for Max Hospital. To know whether Max Hospitals are using, social Digital marketing to increase its consumer base? What methods and techniques of Social Digital marketing are Max Hospital adopting, and understand the various steps Max is undertaking to make its presence felt in the social digital upfront. How is Max utilizing the concept of Online Appointment Scheduling System? To get to know how is this Web based appointment system being managed. Is this method of online query’s & appointment system helping the organization in generating Revenue?

Background : Social Digital Media is a platform that provides interaction with its consumers and where consumers are able to connect to each other, in a very transparent, real time world.67% of Indians who are on the web use spend more time on social media than they do checking personal email. With 80% of the internet users currently searching for medical, health and health products related information through cyber media. The hospital industry can no longer afford to ignore or even remain indifferent to this emerging trend. Social media users want heath related information online, thus Blogging, Communities, groups, sharing of health related videos, health tips etc are becoming popular these days and also reviews of Doctors, Hospitals etc are creating and impression on the consumers mind. Thus it the need of the hour for Hospitals to look into this domain which can increase opportunities for them. The number of missed appointments in healthcare institutions has caused problems for many, hence the need for integrated healthcare system to intervene and provide seamless care for patients. Appointment scheduling system lies at the intersection of providing efficiency and timely access to health services. It is one of the options thought for the patients to avoid the hassle of queuing and filling out registration forms. It also inherently gives an advantage for the administrator towards monitoring and easy searching of personal information as they are available online.

Methodology : The study was carried out from 1st February- 30th April’2015, and it is an Observational study and mostly secondary data was collected , mainly Secondary Data, like Reports, Tracker, and observing the consumer base of Max on various social network sites. Primary data/ information was gathered by Interviews and discussions with the personnel involved in Digital marketing & online appointment scheduling system

Findings : The results show that, Max is working hard to make its presence felt on the Social media upfront, also online appointment system is gradually picking up pace and contributing to the hospitals Revenue