Abstract of Dissertation

Objective : 1. to determine the factors influencing job satisfaction 2. to measure the level of job satisfaction in doctors in a corporate hospital 3. to analyze the distribution of satisfaction levels gender wise

Background : Relationships have been reported between job satisfaction, productivity, absenteeism, and turnover among healthcare employees and as such it affects employees’ organizational commitment and the quality of healthcare services.

Methodology : The study was conducted among 50 participants. Self-administered questionnaires were used to collect data from the participants. The results showed a low level of job satisfaction. Almost more than 50 % of participants were not satisfied with their jobs, and there was no association between job satisfactions.

Findings : Variables such as opportunity to develop, responsibility, patient care and staff relations were found to be significantly influencing job satisfaction and there was a significant positive medium association between job satisfaction and opportunity to develop, responsibility, patient care and staff relations for both clinical and clinical support staff, there was also a gender difference in the level of satisfaction. Satisfaction with one’s job can affect not only motivation at work but also career decisions, relationship with others and personal health.

Recommendations : Those who are working in a profession that is extremely demanding and sometimes unpredictable can be susceptible to feelings of uncertainty and reduced job satisfaction. Job satisfaction is also an essential part of ensuring high quality care. Dissatisfied healthcare providers give poor quality, less efficient care. Interventions need to be implemented in order to improve the level of job satisfaction among doctors at corporate hospitals in Bangalore