Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : HIS; HIS Implementation; Hospital Information System; Database Server; IS

Objective : • To computerize all details regarding patient details and hospital details • To automate process of ward entries • To maintain records effectively

Background : Healthcare is a very important part of our society & it is imperative for healthcare providers to do their jobs in an effective & efficient manner. When we joined the hospital phase II HIS implementation was going on in various department of the hospital like blood bank, O.T., CSSD etc. I was assigned the work of HIS implementation in Operation Theatres. Hospital has a tie up with an external software agency who designed the basic software for the departments, I was asked to coordinate with the staff of the Operation Theatre & software agency to implement the changes in the software according to the functional requirement of dept. Once all the changes were being made training was given to the staff for the effective & efficient use of software. All the problems encountered while using the software were enlisted in the form of an issue tracker to keep the records. Periodic review was done to make sure the proper functioning of the software.

Methodology : • Study Design: Descriptive Study • Study Area: Paras Hospital , Gurgaon • Study Duration: 2 Months • Data Tool: Hospital Information Software employed in OT, having input of the data related to patients coming from OPD, IPD, and Emergency & Accident. • Inclusion Criteria: Implementation of Phase 2 HIS in a particular department i.e. Operation Theatre in Paras Hospital, Gurgaon. • Exclusion Criteria: Implementation of HIS in other departments of Paras Hospital like Blood Bank, CSSD, Linen and Laundry, EMR, Complaint Management

Findings : All details regarding patients and hospital were computerized. Hence, the staff was able to record and retrieve data in less time. Data analysis of the records made easy. The issues raised by department were sorted and all the changes were made. The system was made user friendly and staff was trained to use system efficiently. Various reports can now be generated easily.

Recommendations : Evolutionary approach needs to be taken to train staff in HIS. They should be part of software implementation from early stage. Billing department and Operation theatre staff should coordinate well to get bills cleared and patient admission a smooth process. System errors and failures in between need to be given priority and it should be solved on emergency basis, without delay. Supervision – Entries of the patient data made should be reviewed on regular basis and correct training is to be provided to new staff employed in the department. Regular report generation – Reports should be generated monthly or weekly basis to evaluate and check efficiency of system.