Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Job Description; Job Specification; Human Resources Management

Objective : • To overview the responsibilities and activities of each departmental manpower • To prepare Job Specification • To prepare Job Description • To Implement these both (Job Description and specification) in all clinical and non-clinical department of the hospital

Background : Most of literatures have showed the importance of human resources management on developing the quality of healthcare service and found that the incentives and providing motivation to work and follow the system of bonuses by competencies improve the performance of individuals working in hospitals and can make a significant difference between health organization with good performance and health organization underperforms or below average. Human Resources Management (HRM) is a vital management task in the field of healthcare and other services sectors, where the customer facing challenges because of staff’s performance that have the experience and the quality of performance and that human resource management plays an active and vital role in the success of the reform of the health sector.

Methodology : Research methodology in a way is a written game plan for conducting research. Research methodology has many dimensions. It includes not only the research methods but also considers the logic behind the methods used in the context of the study and complains why only a particular method of technique has been used. a) Study design: - The research design will be used in this study on both ‘Descriptive’ and ‘exploratory’. b) Study duration: 01st April to May,2015One month was the duration of study c) Study population: All the staff of hospital which include clinical and non clinical department. d) Sampling: Random sampling has been done e) Sample size: From each department one person was taken. f) Data collection: The data will be collected using both by primary data collection methods as well as secondary sources. • Primary Data: Most of the information will be gathered through primary sources. The methods that will be used to collect primary data are: Questionnaire and Interview • Secondary Data: secondary data will be collected through: Text Books and Internet (Website Journals) g) Data collection tools: questionnaire (structured and open ended)

Findings : First, brief information about the Job description and job specification is given, as per questionnaire prepared (see appendix 1). The interview questions were open-ended. The major purpose of this study was to explore Job description and job specification; therefore, only relevant information to the areas we want to cover will be discussed

Conclusion: • It is essential for hospitals to understand what are all the job description and job specification required during the recruitment process for smoothening of processes in the hospital. • Through this understanding hospital will be able to have the ability of adopting proper recruitment techniques which can lead to skillful staff in the hospital. • This thesis contributes to double check in the process of hospital and to reduce the turnaround time in the hospital, which can then help the hospital to progress in terms of revenue, quality, and functionality.