Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Health Workers; NRHM; RMNCH+A; Minimum Essential Commodities

Objective : To find out the existing knowledge about RMNCH+A among health workers of Kaimur District.

Background : The Reproductive, Maternal, Neonatal, Child and Adolescent Health programme is the heart of our flagship programme National Rural Health Mission (NRHM). Central guiding tenets of this programme are equity, universal care, entitlement and accountability. The aim of the program is to protect the lives and safeguard the health of women, adolescents and children and this has been the driving force for reaching out to the maximum numbers, in the remotest corners of the country through constant innovation and calibration of interventions. Our strategies have yielded rich and quick dividends, evident in improved IMR and MMR. However there is much that needs to be done – the extension of the Mission into a new phase of five years is a strategic opportunity that we must seize and make the most of it in terms of taking forward the agenda of health for all.

Methodology : Study area- was limited to PHC’s and CHC’s of Kaimur district and respondents were medical officers and Female health supervisors of the respective PHC. Sampling technique-Stratified random sampling was done too select the subjects. Sample size-59 MO’s and 45 FHS were taken into 4 consideration of study. Study tools-A structured questionnaire was used as a data collection tool. This study was a questionnaire based survey. A self developed questionnaire was prepared which has 1 open ended question and other closed ended questions based on RMNCH+A 5*5 matrix. The questionnaire was prepared in two languages ie in English for MO’s and in Gujarati for FHS.

Findings : After getting response we analyzed the data in two parts: 1. Knowledge of minimum essential commodities of RMNCH+A 5*5 matrix among medical officers. 2. Knowledge of minimum essential commodities of RMNCH+A 5*5 matrix among Female health supervisors. one of the above-mentioned group has complete knowledge and awareness about RMNCH+A matrix. Under Reproductive Health 23 out of 59 medical officers were not aware that Tubal rings is included in RMNCH+A 5*5 matrix under minimum essential commodities. Similarly many of the subjects were not aware about IUCD 380 inclusion in this strategy. Under maternal health both the group of subject was not aware about many of the essential commodities. Only 100 percent awareness was seen in medical officers about use of injection oxytocin. We got wrong answers in rest of questions. Out of four minimum essential requirements under neo-natal ie Injection vitamin k, mucous extractor, Syrup Vit A and vaccination only complete awareness was about vaccination. Doctors were seemed to be more aware about 5*5 matrix than FHS in child health Component of RMNCH+A. After analysis it was found that current knowledge about RMNCH+A is not sufficient in both medical officers as well as female health supervisors. Some of the important components of RMNCH+A 5*5 matrix were not known by both of the service providers which is not good for a high priority district like Kaimur where implementation of RMNCH+A at a good pace is needed. We can-not think of good implementation without good and complete knowledge. So we need to sensitize all the health force about RMNCH+A 5*5 matrix in order to deliver good results. Also with the help of this study we came to know about the prevalence of wrong knowledge, none of the medical officer had complete and correct knowledge about minimum essential commodities of RMNCH+A and similar pattern was seen in Female health supervisors. With current status of awareness in Kaimur District about RMNCH+A among health workers it can be concluded that a lot of investment is required in terms of training and knowledge up-gradation about this newly introduced strategy.