Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Manpower; Analysis; Productivity; Workforce; Utilization; Time Motion

Objective : • To calculate approximate productivity of the technicians • To find out methods for better utilisation of the staff

Background : The study was conducted to find whether right number and right kind of people have been put at the right place and doing the right things for which they are suited for the proper functioning of the Cath Lab and Dialysis departments. The current manpower status needs to be analysed and thus measuring workforce productivity is one of its way. Although, it is difficult to measure productivity in service industry as compared to manufacturing firms.

Methodology : It was a quantitative cross sectional analytical study and data was collected through Time Motion Study where each activity of the technician was noted and duration was timed along with other factors like work load of the department, patient technician ratio, analysis of their job descriptions, etc. The observation was continued for certain days after which it was analysed using statistical formulas. The idle time was also compared to the productive hours on per day basis.

Findings : Through the study, it was calculated that the productivity of the Cath Lab Technicians was approximately 31.31% while that of the technicians of the Dialysis Department was approximately 88.46%. On an average, the idle time of Cath Lab technicians was 5.26 hours out of 8.5 hours of their working time and for Dialysis technicians it was 52.1 minutes with extended working hours as well. In case of Cath Lab, the job of Customer Care was also observed whose productivity was around 42.53%. It was observed that additional responsibilities in terms of administrative activities can be given to the technicians such that the Customer Care can be better utilised in areas with more of work flow and patient load. In Dialysis department, change in duty roster of technicians were done with recommendation of additional machine resource such that the department can be better utilised with reduction in overtime paid to the manpower.

Manpower Analysis of the Technicians working in Cath Lab and Dialysis Department showed that the productivity and utilisation can be effectively done through change in duty rosters, giving additional responsibilities, clearing ambiguity in work and training for multitasking.