Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Patient Satisfaction; Healthcare Services; Out -Patient Department; OPD

Background : Health care facility performance can be best assessed by measuring the level of patient’s satisfaction. A completely satisfied patient believes that the organization has potential in understanding patient needs and demands related to health care. This study was carried out to analyze the level of satisfaction and the factors affecting satisfaction of patients visiting the outpatient department of Thumbay Hospital, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This is a descriptive study conducted to assess patient’s satisfaction with health services and also get feedback & suggestions for improvement about the services provided at the outpatient department (OPD) of Thumbay Hospital, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The patients were randomly selected and a questionnaire was used to evaluate patient satisfaction about the outpatient department services, logistic arrangement in the outpatient departments, waiting time, facilities, and perception about the performance of staff, appointment system, and behavior of staff, support service and any other suggestions of patients. Majority of comments from patients were critical of long waiting times for seeing doctors and pharmacists, late commencement of doctor’s working time, and poor interpersonal manner of doctors, nurses and administrative staff. Reinforcement of the regulation on working hours and recruitment of more doctors are recommended.

Recommendations : It was suggested that patient satisfaction studies should be conducted in parallel with studies on job satisfaction of healthcare providers in order to understand the correlation between them, which makes patients dissatisfied and solve these problems accordingly.