Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Commissioning, tracking, communication

Objective : To learn the complexities involved in the planning, design and commissioning of a 250 bedded hospital in Jaipur. • To study the reviewing of planning g documents and prepare the defect list to be remedied before final handover of the building to the hospital. • To assess the infrastructure requirement of the set up. • To identify the reasons behind the delay, if any.

Background : Rukmini Birla Hospital, a 250 bedded multi- specialty hospital was to be established in Jaipur. To plan it properly was called phase I as the pre-commissioning phase. Effective planning results in smooth flow of patient and staff in hospital. It is the stage between building construction to operation phase. It involves activities which are aimed at integrating various services, and the utility with the objective of delivering efficient patient care.

Methodology : The study was conducted during March-April 2015, following the steps given below: Step 1: Review the plan prepared for the commissioning of hospital. Step 2: Prepare check list and snag list to execute the things on monthly/ weekly basis. Step 3: Tracking of the commissioning phase for accessing the infrastructure requirements of the hospital using different methods like Gantt chart and project tracker. Step 4: Identify delays and its reasons so that action can be taken further effectively

Findings : The project was delayed due to communication gaps between client, architect and various medical consultants; improper schedule for the procurement of essential equipment’s, lack of follow up with the Vendors, labour was not deployed as per the schedule mentioned in the master plan, and pending completion certificates from the builder and power supply.

Recommendations : Tracking (communication between all levels) of the commissioning phase of any hospital is one of the most important task to be efficient and effective.