Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Time and Motion Study; Preventive Health Check-up; Process Mapping

Objective : To map the complete process of preventive health check-up, identify managerial issues and to provide possible solutions to overcome issues.

Background : The general medical examination is a common form of preventive medicine involving visits to a general practitioner by well feeling adults on a regular basis. It is also known as the periodic health evaluation, annual physical, comprehensive medical exam, general health check, or preventive health examination. The preventive health check also identifies the reason for minor ailments. Once the check is completed, treatment can begin without delay. The health check-up program aims to preserve and promote good health, to prevent disease and disability and to facilitate early diagnosis and treatment of illness. Process mapping helps to define the start and end points of a process. It is the single most important visual display that can represent "who does what" within a workplace. A process map helps to identify the smartest performance measures and the greatest opportunity for improvement

Methodology : Research Methodology used was convenience sampling method to cover 60 patients in the duration of 34 days Data was collected by Process mapping, Observation; Informal interviews (Nurses, customer care in charge, Duty doctors and technician).

Findings : As qualitative exploratory study was done and process mapping is depicted with the help of a work flow diagram to bring forth a clearer understanding of a process or series of parallel processes and concluded that 26.6% of patients from the whole sample have completed their check- up within TAT There were many managerial issues identified in the whole process as a result of observation which needs to be addressed. These managerial issues identified during the process are -Less number of staff at billing; even appointment patients have to wait for their turn or the health check-up is started without billing, as health package was started without billing so patient has to go for billing in between the process of health check. Packages were not updated in system and billing staff had to call IT department for the same to update the package in system. In sample collection room only one staff was there during tagging, collecting sample as well as instructing new patients to wait for their turn as one of the staff got infected from ‘Swine Flu’, locker keys were missing most of the time, as staffs were using lockers for their personal purpose, long waiting for ultrasound as this test is done in fasting and only one machine was used for the same, One ultrasound machine was not in use because of unavailability of technician for the same, Visiting staff coming for very short time and all patients had to be made available for her to get their check-up done. So they can’t be put in a process which takes too long.