Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Quality Initial Assessment; JCI standards

Objective : To ensure highest quality of initial assessment is done in the multi super specialty hospital. 1. To assess the existing quality of initial assessment in the hospital under study. 2. To identify areas of concern if any 3. To develop solutions to address the concerns. 4. To study the impact of solutions on quality of assessment

Background : This study is done in JCI accredited hospital to sustain the quality in initial assessment of IPD patients. As a result, it helps in improving compliances in patient assessment.

Methodology : It is a cross sectional, quantitative study spread over duration of eight weeks. The initial assessment forms of over 23 specialties were audited as per a designed audit checklist. The sample size was taken as 10% of the average monthly admissions of that specialty in two weeks time. The total no. of file audits was 260.A training module was designed for doctors and post training audits were done

Findings : The top four non compliances related to care related findings were consultant oversight on plan of care within 24 hrs, allergy history, current medications information and past medical history. The training pilot was conducted in two specialties and post training audits were conducted. There was an improvement in compliance by 12% in one and 8% in another specialty.