Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : One stop shop; Admissions; Patient Care Services; Hospital Admission Process

Objective : To streamline the admissions and counseling process through one stop shop Specific objectives: • Identify the gaps in the processes of admissions and counseling in the traditional (older) system till now. • Assess the service excellence, the concept of one stop shop would provide to the hospital in near future.

Background : The study was undertaken at Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, New Delhi, to streamline the admissions and counseling process through one stop shop other than traditional concept. The concept of one stop shop in itself is a new and has been first time introduced in India by Fortis Escorts Heart Institute Okhla New Delhi. This concept mingles the hospitality of the hotels with the healthcare services provided by the hospitals, there in bringing out a unique and beautiful combination of HOSPOTEL. An initial study was done by collecting the previous data (THE TRADITIONAL CONCEPT) and then comparing it with the new data collected for one stop shop. SOP’S for the traditional and the new concept will be compared. Important factors for assessing customer perception of service quality may be included in the questionnaire.

Methodology : The study presents the customer perception of healthcare service quality on a sample population. The respondents would be either patients themselves or their attendants Convenient & Random sampling would be used, location would be Delhi NCR

Findings : As we compared the data of the two processes (traditional with one stop shop), The processing time is the major subset of the total time . The"new lobby" processing time was markedly low compared to the "old lobby" process structure, the total time required for the "new lobby" process structure was reduced significantly compared to the "old lobby". Thus the graph clearly validates the improvement achieved by incorporating the "new lobby" process structure compared to the "old lobby" process structure. By comparing indicates that the majority of time spend is in the processing times rather than the exit times. However the exit times included in the "new lobby” process structure is at a slightly higher end compared to the "old lobby" process structure

Recommendations : Proper signage’s indicating directions and name in new lobby so that patients need not run here and there. Token system with digital display outside the cubical for the convenience of patients in order of queue management.TPA formalities to be processed prior to admissions. Complete admission, counseling and TPA docket to be made itself in cubicles. Proper estimated amount to be prepared by the counselors while giving the estimates. Proper channel of communication between the counselors, TPA and corporate desk. Bed should be allotted prior to admissions & counseling. FID, proper identification tag and docket for proper tracking of patients till he reaches his room and final destination. Proper feedback from each patient after his process is completed so to enhance the process with appropriate suggestions